Work-Out Power Generator Bike

When we consider an ordinary foot bicycle, it’s a light weight mode of transportation. It causes less or no environmental pollution as it is human powered. But due to the same reason we can’t reach to a pretty good speed using a bicycle. It is efficient enough to be used for enjoyment. Now a days people use bicycle in cycling as a mere way to get some exercise.   So we have introduced a new mode of bicycle which is an efficient form of transportation. It can be recognized as a new step in revolution of bicycle.


This wonderful bicycle, without any charging converts your own kinetic energy into electrical power and that will make it easy to ride. With a traditional foot bicycle it’s difficult to climb uphill. Though it is quite easy with a manual gear changing bicycle, not with an ordinary one. But with this new bicycle it is more easy as when riding a motor bike. The specialty is the electrical power generated by you yourself. As this bicycle take less space you can ride it in any tiny pathway at a good speed. Even it is a more convenient way to move around busy cities or towns where navigating through traffic is really stressful. In addition this only use kinetic energy converted to electricity, it’s a better substitute for motor bicycle run with fossil fuel.


Furthermore you can use this bicycle as a workout machine, “an exercise machine” at home. Regular cycling will decrease your body fat level while increasing cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Being physically active you can help to protect yourself from obesity, heart diseases and arthritis. When you switch from bike mode to power mode while having cycling exercise, you can use the power generated by you to charge your own iPhone, iPod or anything else. For that this bicycle is specially included with an inverted power battery backup system.

So isn’t it marvelous to have economic benefits while having health benefits too. The main point is that this modern bicycle which offers a wide range of practical uses along with many environmental and health benefits, is really affordable by us the common public.