Eco Housing

Make your dream home, a reality

Building a durable, luxury looking new house is no longer a dream with our Eco-friendly, low cost housing using Bricks made out of recycled plastics.

Plastic Bricks?

Yes, you heared it right, plastic bricks made out of recycled plastic can build you a durable house at a lesser cost. Not only that would be a cheaper solution to build a house, that would also be a great answer to country’s never ending polythene and plastic disposal crisis.

How are they made?

As we’ve told you, it’s made out of recycled plastics. Row plastic is made from scrap plastic and then it is poured into a mould with some additional materials and TADA!

Is it safe?

Of course it is. The researches have shown that these plastic bricks are as strong as (and sometimes even more stronger than) the regular bricks. So you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety either.

How can I get further information on this?

More details on this will be available here soon. Or you can contact us for more info.