About Us

Who are we?

We are a diversified Eco-friendly product company. We believe in global and our very own approach to make your life a better and more Eco-friendlier one, yet with a personal touch to meet your special requirements as well. Yes, we are big enough to bring the latest, cutting edge technology to your door step, but yet, we are small enough to take care of each one of you.

What do we offer?

As mentioned above we offer you an array of Eco-friendly solutions ranging from low cost Eco-friendly construction materials to home appliances to ease out your day to day life, of course in an environmental friendly way and many more.

Helping Hand by BeyondOrganicWorld.com, is a project launched by us to help the kids in need in our country. As our theme says, Together, to a Greener and Better World.

Why us?

  We are the only company in Sri Lanka to provide these products.

  We establish relationships, to stay a long time.

  We always deliver what we promise...or may be even more.

  Caring service provider who wishes to go that extra mile to earn one more satisfied customer.

As “Beyond organic world” we wish to be the pioneer in making a better world for tomorrow. If we ourselves change our thoughts desires and actions, involuntarily our planet earth will become a secured place to live. Otherwise though we have reached the so called success against the will of nature, in front of the amercements of nature we will never be able to withstand with confidence. As it has been recognized now global warming is the grave threat to our planet. But we are only dreaming that aliens will attack our earth and getting ready to revenge back. Automobiles are polluting the atmosphere with oxides of C N  and other noxious gases, coal diesel oil and other fossil fuels are emitting suffocating so2. All of these are leading global warming to get to  such an extent where it causes ice caps to melt and small islands to sunk in the ocean.  Other than chasing after money believing that it is the success of the community, We should be aware of this problem and making others aware too.

Our direct contribution to the facts that causes environmental pollution can be described as follows. Our basic needs are food shelter and energy sources. As individuals these basic needs are consumed by us unevenly according to our status. Thus when we acquire those needs the damage we cause to the nature is really enormous, as clearing forests the timber lands for cultivations, sucking out underground water, mixing weedicides to soil and water.

In both clearing forests for human habitats & trees for timber requirement mainly the rain forests which maintain the balance of earth are depleted in a great percentage. That causes to reduce the underwater level & due to the direct impact of Sun rays the remaining is rapidly reduced by evaporation. Then the soil become dry and lost it’s fertility.

When talking about energy sources factories and transportation depend on huge amount of fuels, billions of tons of coal and oil are consumed around world every year. Every bit of them harm our atmosphere causing a imbalance in biosphere. Furthermore all air pollutants cause damage in ozone layer and now the earth surface and all living beings are exposed to hazardous UV rays more and more.

Meanwhile the other main problem we are facing at this moment is the plastic polyethylene disaster. Burning them in open dumps causes air pollution. On the other hand those are directly discharged in to water bodies and ocean. But recycling of them may cause tremendous cost of pollution clean-up and prevention.

When considering the origin of planet earth, before billions of years various gases and dust were collected in space. There the H2O molecules in space were attracted to the earth surface. As the origin of life primary unicellular organisms  were formed with the ability of photosynthesis, in evolution along billions of years huge forests were formed. With chemical reactions took place between ocean and the atmosphere microorganisms were first to formed in ocean and since then the evolution has made the largest Blue whale to most intelligent Homo sapiens sapiens.

In this long run the rapid depletion of basic natural resources were most threatened after the industrial revolution. The rhythm of the nature was disturbed by sucking out tons of petroleum oil, natural gases and coal from the core of the earth. Recently the imbalance it caused in the core has increased the risk of subduction of land slides which results earthquakes.

Though we are proud to own a technology where we are able to destroy 100 years ancient tree just in one minute, are we able to grow 10 years old tree even in a year? We should remember that by killing off earth we are physically harming ourselves from air we breathe, the water we swim in. Now we are only hiding the wound  than curing it. In past we acquired our basic need of water from pure streams but now we are getting used to drink bottled water, in past we have enjoyed the smooth breeze under a Kumbuk tree but now we can’t leave our air conditioned room even for a minute. Did you just think about other living beings this is their own natural habitat too. This is the high time to be sensitive  about our mother nature.

Recently everyone has started thinking over prevention of exploiting natural resources and preservation of blessed nature to future generations. Considering all those points I have suggested some better to use equipment and measures to save mankind from self destruction.

For a great extent reusable energy sources are used , solar panels, bio gases, wind plants

To reduce the environmental pollution and to reduce heat disposal to the environment we are aiming to introduce these eco friendly substitutions.

  • Eco friendly housing (building bricks with recycled plastic)
  • Fibre optic technology to lighten the houses with natural sunshine
  • Solar panel window curtains with automatic shrinking ability
  • Shower cubicles which preserve water and electricity
  • Toilet flushing systems with minimal water requirement
  • Air conditioners which consume less electricity and discharge less heat
  • Cloth driers consuming 50% less electricity