What we are?

We Beyond Organic World is your companion, in way forward to a green world. Our aim is to guide Sri Lanka to an eco friendly way of living, backed by our vast range of eco friendly products. With them you can now live your life in an environmental friendly way like never before!! Also you can take part in our Social Service Projects to help the ones in need. Together, to a Greener and Better World.

Our Services

For the first time in Sri Lanka, we offer you a vast range of Eco-Friendly products to make your life easy and comfortable at the same time.We put together this list of eco friendly products to show you just how

Eco Housing

For the very first time in Sri Lanka, we offer you an environmental friendly way to build your dream house. Not only it is environmental friendly, we can assure you that it is cost effective as well.

Helping Hand

Beyond Organic World, We care about the future of Sri Lanka. That’s why we have decided to launch Helping Hand by BeyondOrganicWorld.com, a series of projects to help the school kids in need in our country, Equipping them with the latest technology,

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